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“Texas Holdem Edge” educates Texas Holdem Poker enthusiasts to play better through tracking existing games or through playing various scenarios. Gain better decision-making skills with real-time insights and compare various circumstances through hypothesizing and hindsight review. Improve your game!

  1. Past: Hindsight review
  2. Real-time: Games insights as you play
  3. Future: Hypothesize various scenarios
Who is this app for?
  • Texas Holdem Poker Enthusiasts: a virtual tracking assistant to help evaluate your game situations (online or in person) precisely and quickly, thus making more informed betting decisions while improving game-play skills on-the-fly.
  • Texas Holdem Poker Novices: teach players the intricacies of the Texas Holdem decision-making process without the need for playing a tremendous number of games and learning terminology, game-flow and decision-making consequences on-the-fly.
Texas Holdem Edge App

Features and Benefits

How is Texas Holdem Edge going to make you a better player? Check out all the great features you will have access to as you track games!

  • Assigning of Dealer Button
    (10 players shown)

    Help with Decision-Making

    Game Insights

    Player Table Analysis

    Simulate and track games to examine how gameplay was affected through:

    • Various number of starting players
    • Different dealer button placements
    • Opponents folding
    • Betting round transitions
    • Showdown preparedness
  • Hand Rank

    Help with Decision-Making

    Game Insights

    Hand Rank Analysis - See how your dealt hand ranks, how your win chance changes with differing # of opponents, and examine your best hand chances throughout the game.

    Win Chance

    Best Hand

  • Your Odds/Medians

    Help with Decision-Making

    Game Insights

    Card Texture Analysis - Examine your odds of various expected hands vs opponents, (including median hands), and your chances of having a killer hand or a dead hand throughout the game.

    Killer Hand

    Dead Hand

  • Search Possible Opponent Hands
    (Hand Rank Shown)


    Explore various what-if scenarios including:

    "What if my opponnent is holding...Ace King Suited?"
    "What if other players fold?"
    "How does my hand rank & chances change across rounds?"

    You can go back in time or hypothesize the future!

    Across # of Opponents
    (Win Chance Shown)

    Across Betting Rounds
    (Best Hand Chance Shown)

  • Payout Games

    Game Analysis and Review

    Game Summary

    Payout Games. Explore round-by-round summary including where particular players fold and their plausible losses

    • Notice when opponents fold based on table position (ie in relation to Dealer Button).
    • Which round to other players typically fold.
    • Which round does the winning player typically win in.
  • Showdown Games

    Game Analysis and Review

    Showdown Summary

    Showdown Games. Access overall game summary for opponent player hindsight and game-flow chances with graphical interaction.

    Access round detail summaries with expected hands and outs for each player. Chances and Final Hands are also included.

    Expected Hands

    (Particular Player Shown)

  • Game Review
    (Playback shown on Hole)

    Game Analysis and Review

    Game Review and Comparisons

    Go forward and back throughout a game's timeline to see how various factors affect the outcome.

    See how:

    • Folding occurrences change outcomes.
    • Differing hole cards affect outcomes.
    • Different community cards affect outcomes.

Why is Texas Holdem Edge unique?

The App does not require opponents to play against you as most apps require. This allows a user to explore how your decision to stay in or fold in a game impacts whether you win or lose. This new approach also allows a player to stop and think and evaluate their situation more clearly and not under pressure. A player can now deep dive to understand all aspects of game situations (changing dealt and community hands, number of players), and to go forward and backward in time to learn more.

Poker enthusiasts know that one can conscientiously track another players betting decisions over time and understand the leverage their holdings and pot commitments have on others at the table. However, “Texas Holdem Edge” will give you a better and more complete understanding of hand rank, card texture, player table position, and current betting round with number of opponents implications. When this knowledge is learned, and ingrained, will join the best players who grind out games and better counter the behavior of other players.

What it does...

The “Texas Holdem Edge” program is devised to:

  • educate you on the intricacies of the game
  • expand your understanding of the progression a player should take in making more informed betting decisions.

What it does not...

“Texas Holdem Edge” is not concerned with the individual chips placed in the pot. This is to simplify the game and provide a broader, more complete game theory perspective,

It is more focused on:

  • the overall process of staying in or getting out of a hand at the proper points in a game
  • using your leverage properly to maximize wins and minimize losses.

Ready to Improve Your Game?

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