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“Best Hand Challenge” lets you choose the best poker hand and see if you are correct! The app provides various Texas Holdem scenarios (number of players and various rounds) where you choose the best hand and instantly see how you did. Afterwards, analyze your round, identify weaknesses in your skills, and play again to improve. Observe your statistics and follow your progress. Improve your poker game!

  1. Gameplay: Choose 2-6 players, and one of 4 rounds
  2. Analysis: Evaluate win chance and how hands rank
  3. Statistics: Compare your performance and timeliness.
  4. Leaderboard: See how your best stacks up against others.
Who is this app for?
  • Texas Holdem Poker Enthusiasts: Identify strengths and weakness in your ability to recognize best hands. Hone your skills by tracking speed and which rounds and oppponent counts, you are best at and what needs improvement.
  • Texas Holdem Poker Novices: Teach players how to recognize hand strength in various Texas Holdem rounds and number of players.
Best Hand Challenge Texas Holdem Edge Poker App


Take a tour of what you can expect to see when you play Best Hand Challenge!

  • Choose Game Settings

    Make Player and Round Selections

    Here is where you can choose what level you wish to play. Select number of players for Hole, Flop, Turn and River round.

    This screen is also what the user sees after completing a level and so it shows a summary of your performance ("Your Success") for each particular level.

    The previous game choices at the bottom (right or wrong) and their respective times are shown. These are each clickable to analyze why a selection was missed and will improve future game play. In this example all 10 were answered correctly.

  • Gameplay

    2 Players, Hole Round (Level 1)

    The player gets to click on the best of the two hands. You are then shown if you were correct before the next hands appear. All your selections are timed and recorded.

  • Achievements

    Your accomplishments (if applicable)

    Should you have achieved a high score, extended a best hand streak, gotten a perfect 10, or set a new time record for a perfect 10, it will be shown here.

    Here is a chance to brag to you friends with the share feature, or click done to go to the level selection screen and play again or review your stats in depth.

  • Post Game Analysis

    Hand Rank

    You can click on any of the 10 icons at the bottom that you got right or wrong to review that scenario. Select any of the hands dealt to see how all the hands compare in rank and win chance.

  • Post Game Analysis

    Best Hand Chance

    When in this mode, you can see how all the hands dealt compare in their best hand chances.

  • Statistics


    See how your performance ("Aptitude") compares across different player counts and rounds. Identity your weaknesses and play again to raise your grade.

    You can also compare how many times you have played each level ("Experience"), and how you perform based on your times ("Speed").

  • Statistics


    Take a deep dive into you career statistics for each level. Current and best streaks, average time, high scores and more!

    Share this to a friend to show-off your skills.

Ready to Improve Your Game?

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