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Best Hand Challenge Poker App

Choose the best poker hand and see if you are correct! (Spring 2020)

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Texas Holdem Edge App

Track, analyze and improve your Texas Holdem Poker game performance! (Winter 2018)

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AI Algorithm Development

Artificial Intelligence algorithms need to be tailored and optimized to fit the problem. We handle the integration with user interaction and complementary visualization of results.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is the use of statistical tools, AI algorithms and a contextual framework to make sense and leverage information for a specific purpose. We use a variety of analytical tools and have the ability to emerge intelligent decision-making on-the-fly with interaction and feedback.

iOS App Integration

App Integration requires simultaneous fulfillment of both the goals of the App founder and the user experience to create a marketable product. We handle App development with embedded AI techniques from the early design phases to in-store distribution.

AI Orchestration

Artificial Intelligence learns from data, goals and environment interaction to improve outcomes. We design, architect, and build AI orchestrated environments that fulfill your business requirements.

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